TBC: 1, Harbour FC: 1

Testwood and Harbour cancel eachother out…

A much anticipated return fixture against Harbour, saw Testwood try to bounce back from a narrow defeat from the week before. Harbour started the brighter side, stringing passes together but only to find a resilient Testwood defence. Testwood eventually grew into the game and matched Harbour’s attacking threat. 30 minutes in, Harbour created a chance with a brilliantly accidental assist which was neatly dispatched. The half ended 1-0 to the away side. The second half was bitterly contested from the whistle. Testwood eventually won a free kick which was put into the box and accurately headed past the wrong-footed goalkeeper. Moments later, after a Harbour player found himself in the sin bin, Testwood struck the post twice after brilliant a brilliant counter attack followed by a well worked corner. Both teams pushed but neither could find a winner.

A well earned draw for both sides.