TBC: 3, RCCG DC United (Div 2): 5

Testwood fall short in 8 goal, top of the table thriller!

A blustery Saturday morning saw Testwood host league leaders RCCG. With both teams winning against eachother this season, it promised to be a close encounter. The hosts started sharply, retaining the ball and looking organised. Sadly they could not find a way to goal and RCCG took the lead with a breakaway goal. Testwood remained calm and continued to press, only to find themselves 2-0 down after another break away goal and a good finish. Testwood created chance after chance but once again, a fine break away goal put the hosts 3-0 down! The home boys rallied together and a fine cut-back was hammered into the roof of the net. 3-1 at half time. 

Testwood started brightly and a long range free kick, was headed across goal and dispatched by the hosts, 3-2. Testwood were once again caught on the break and another cool finish extended the lead to 2 for the away side. Testwood and RCCG continued to exchange blows before Testwood made the score 4-3 with 5 minutes to play. With Testwood pressing for the draw, throwing men forward, they could not find the equaliser but instead conceded again, to lose the game 5-3. 

A great game of football, Testwood did themselves proud and RCCG showed off some excellent individual talents.