TBC: 5, TKS Alumni: 2

Testwood off to a good start with their Pre-Season friendlies…

A warm August morning saw Testwood host TKS, in their first of three friendlies before the new season kicks off in September. In true TKS vs Testwood fashion, the game did not lack goals. The first half saw TKS play some good football initially and Testwood struggled to get into the game. After 30 minutes, Testwood managed to string some passes together and a brilliant strike, which ended in the top corner, saw Testwood take the lead. Sadly, moments later, TKS responded brilliantly with a well worked goal. 1-1 at half time. 

The second half started with both teams finding space in the attacking thirds. Testwood managed to take the lead again through a well worked corner which was then smashed in the away teams net. TKS refused to give up and once again pulled the score back to level at 2-2. Interesting and strangely enough, Testwood started to look the fitter of the two teams and this enabled Testwood to score a very well worked break away goal, which was neatly finished. Moments later a corner to Testwood saw the hosts extend their lead by two, with a cool header. With 5 minutes left and TKS tiring, Testwood reached 5 with a very assertive and accrucate finish from just inside the box. The game ended 5-2 to the home side. 

Well played both teams in a game which is always played in good spirits. The challenge for Testwood now is to try and beat TKS in consecutive games, which they have struggled with in the past!